Setting up Minecraft server

14th Nov, 2022

Setting up Minecraft server

Minecraft has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide. Children and adults alike are creating, mining, and crafting Minecraft together in multiplayer worlds. This helps players to build their social skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity online. It's amazing how many educational benefits Minecraft has.

Players can work together to create bigger and better things on a public server. However, you cannot control who connects to the servers or who your child interacts with online. There's good news! You can monitor who is connecting to and participating in the worlds of your child by setting up your own server.

These directions can be downloaded to help you get started with hosting your Minecraft server for your student. These instructions were created with iD Game Plan (the same learning management system used at camp).
These instructions are for parents who are supporting their children. Parents must give permission to their children and pick a time that they can help and supervise. Anyone with an external IP address can join your online server to play in your Minecraft world. Be careful about who you invite on your server.

Keep track of the people you and your child invite to your server. You can keep your server safe by only inviting people you know. There are many people online that are friendly, but if you limit your server to people you know, there won't be any surprises about who your children are meeting.