Mobs actually useful in Minecraft ?

20th Nov, 2022

Mobs actually useful in Minecraft ?

There are many dangers in Minecraft that a player must avoid. You will encounter enemies, dangerous terrains, and hellish realms that can kill you at every turn. Although players may initially think that they are just running away from these monsters, they might actually be useful.

Hostile mobs in Minecraft are certain types that are determined to harm players whenever they are within their reach. Although it is hard to defeat them and kill them, once you have done so, important items will be your reward


Creepers are well-known in Minecraft for their annoying exploding behavior. They can be extremely useful, especially for Elytra players. Gunpowder is dropped by Creepers upon death. To make fireworks, gunpowder can also be made with paper. Elytra can fly in Minecraft with Elytra if she has fireworks.

4) Zombie Villager

This hostile mob is rare, but it should be avoided.

A Splash potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple can cure a Zombie Villager. The villager can be employed by players for any job and will also trade items at a reduced price. This is a great way for players to obtain useful items at a very affordable price from a Zombie Villager.

3) Wither

The Wither is a boss mob found in Minecraft. It drops a special item called a Nether star once it is killed. The Nether Star is a powerful tool that can transform the way players play Minecraft and survive.

A Nether Star can be made into a Beacon. The Beacon can be placed on any pyramid made from Ore blocks and it will give different status effects to players around.

2) Shulker

End Cities is home to the Shulkers, a hostile mob. They shoot Shulker bullets that cause players to levitate. Shulker Shells are dropped when they are destroyed. This item can make a huge difference in how players store and transport items. Shulker Shells are able to be made into Shulker boxes that can be stored in an inventory, even if they contain items.

1) Blaze

Blaze is undoubtedly one of the most useful hostile mobs within Minecraft. You can find them in Nether Fortress and they will drop Blaze Rods upon their death. Blaze Rods that give off Blaze Powder can be made with Ender Pearl to create Eye of Ender which allows you to find a Stronghold. Blaze powder can also be used to make any potion.