Minecraft servers like Mineplex

23rd Nov, 2022

Minecraft servers like Mineplex

Mineplex once held the title of Minecraft multiplayer's largest server, hosting tens of thousands of players concurrently.

Despite having lost the title of most popular server to Hypixel in recent times, Mineplex is still one of the biggest Minecraft servers thanks to a loyal core fanbase.

Mineplex has been a popular choice for many because of its innovative game modes.

This article will be about servers that offer similar fun, mini-game-oriented gameplay.


Purple Prison is still the most popular Minecraft server, with thousands of players playing at peak times. This speaks volumes about its quality.

The server is designed to be long-lasting and enjoyable to gamers who are looking for a game that will last several years. This is a great alternative to the minigame-oriented approach of Mineplex or other hub servers.

Average playercount: 1200+

Minecraft Version: 1.7-Latest (Java Edition only).

Blocks MC IP: blocksmc.com

Blocks MC may be the best option for players looking for a crack server alternative to Mineplex.

Blocks MC is a well-known gamemode that includes Murder Mystery and Egg Wars, Murder Mystery as well as UHC, Skyblock, The Bridge and SkyBlock. It has been very popular in the crack Minecraft community.

Cracked Minecraft, which is often a free and illegal version of Minecraft that can be downloaded from the internet, is for those who are not aware. Cracked Minecraft users cannot join regular Minecraft servers. Instead, they must join “cracked” servers.

Average playercount: 1000+

Minecraft Version: The Latest (Java Edition Cracked).


Many long-term Minecrafters will recognize HiveMC's name because of the 13 million+ players who have connected over the years.

Although they have shut down their Java operations, HiveMC continues to be hugely popular on the Bedrock Edition Minecraft. There are thousands of players during peak hours.

HiveMC boasts a variety of high-quality and well-made minigames that players can enjoy, such as Murder Mystery and BlockParty, Survival Games and Death Run.

Average playercount: 15,000+

Minecraft Version: The Latest (Bedrock Edition Only).

CubeCraft Games IP: play.cubecraft.net

CubeCraft is next, an adored server which has been around almost 10 years. Cubecraft's extensive minigame collection will make Mineplex fans feel at home. EggWars and Survival Games are some of the fan favorites.

CubeCraft continues to offer a great experience, even though they have been focusing on their bedrock operations. This means that friends can easily play cross-platform Minecraft together via the server.

Average playercount: 3,000+

Version of Minecraft: The Latest (Bedrock and Java Editions)

Hypixel – IP : hypixel.net

Hypixel is last but not least. It's a hugely popular server and needs no introduction for most Minecrafters.

Hypixel has been called the “enemy of Mineplex” because they have fought in the past for top spot as the most popular Minecraft server. Hypixel is now the clear winner and Mineplex will never catch up to him.

The servers' incredible success, which saw them reach over 100,000 users during peak hours, cannot be seen as a coincidence. Hypixel has grown steadily to its enormous size over the years with constant innovation throughout more than 40 minigames.

Average playercount: 90,000.

Minecraft Version: 1.8- The Latest (Java Edition Only)