Minecraft mods

6th Dec, 2022

Minecraft mods

Blocky Minecraft is a phenomenon. Minecraft is the only ever game that allows you build a castle as tall as Jack's beanstalk. Then, you can fall into an ever-changing abyss. Mojang's classic can be improved on PC with interface modifications and tools that will help you explore more.

This list contains some of the most popular Minecraft mods available right now. They are broken down into sections depending on the purpose of the mod. You can find everything you need to make Minecraft more fun.

These are the top Minecraft mods.

How do I install Minecraft Mods?

Each Minecraft mod listed here comes with its own installation instructions. You'll probably need to downgrade your Minecraft version to install many of them. The current stable Minecraft version is 1.18.x at the time of writing. MultiMC is a handy piece of software that allows you to manage multiple Minecraft builds so that you can run Minecraft mods on different builds.

If you don't like the idea of fiddling with obscure folders, you can grab a modpack. These come preinstalled, preconfigured, and include everything. We recommend Feed The Beast's Direwolf20 1.7.10 Pack (which includes a YouTube series that will teach you how to use many mods), or the Tekkit Pack. Curse Voice can also be used to create your own modpack. Let's take a look at our list of top Minecraft mods.

Mods for the Minecraft interface

If you have many Minecraft mods installed, you will likely find that Minecraft's default interface is not sufficient. These downloads will make modded Minecraft more enjoyable.


Do you have a powerful computer? Optifine makes Minecraft look amazing. It adds HD textures to Minecraft and gives you more control over graphical options. Fastcraft is another option if you are playing Minecraft on a potato. It significantly increases performance on lower-end machines especially if there are many Minecraft mods installed.


Everyone wants to know where they are going. Journeymap allows you to map your world and mark points of interest. It can also warn you if mobs are approaching. The resulting map can be viewed in-game in minimap mode, fullscreen or externally in a web browser.

There are not enough items

Not Enough Items (or NEI) is a great way to get rid of the pain that alt-tabbing to a wiki can cause while you play Minecraft. You can access the Minecraft inventory screen to see the exact recipe for any Minecraft mod you have installed.


WAILA stands to mean “What am I Looking At?” and is a great tool when you have lots of mods. Point your crosshair at any block and it will tell you. It will work with certain mods and tell you which one it came from. However, with newer mods it may also give you information about the block's state, such as how full a tank is of water or the level of a battery's charge. To run it, you will need NEI.

Inventory Tweaks

You'll wonder how you ever lived without Inventory Tweaks. Tool that have run out of durability will be replaced in the hotbar. Stacks of blocks will automatically be refilled and chests and inventory will be sorted with a simple middle click. You can also customize it endlessly.


Mini Minecraft is a miniature version of Minecraft that can be played down to the size and shape of a chest. SethBling uploaded a YouTube video showing the mod in action. The description includes a link to download the mod. The mod features all the same features of the original game except that you can control it through the interface of a Minecraft chest.

You'll be able to see all of your actions as if it were 2D.


This mod is very simple and will make it much easier to manage controls when you have other Minecraft mods. This interface mod allows you to simply pull up a search bar, type in the control name and see the keybinding. It can be filtered to only show you keybindings that overlap so you can quickly fix them.

Minecraft creative mods

Many people consider Minecraft the best game because they can create amazing structures. These mods will greatly expand your creativity, from new wood types to furniture.

Chisel 2

Minecraft has only one cobblestone texture. Chisel 2 offers 24. It adds alternate textures to many of the game's blocks, as well as blocks with other mods from this list. This allows you to create any decor in your in-game structures.

Carpenter's Blocks

While cubes are great, sometimes you need a slope. Carpenter's Blocks has those slopes as well as beds, buttons and doors, flowerpots and torches and many other customizations. Have you ever wanted a netherrack ladder. This mod will do it.


Decocraft mod is for you if you want to have more options when decorating your world. Decocraft adds craftable tables, chairs, bowls and bottles to your world, as well as lamps, toys, beer kegs and even a sink. You can see the entire list in the Wiki.


Bibliocraft also offers a bunch of aesthetically-pleasing blocks, but these ones come with their own functionality. You can display your trophies on shelves and display cases, while a printing press allows you to create in-game books. For the most distinguished gentlemen, it even includes a monocle.

Pig Manure

One thing Minecraft is missing is poo. This simple Minecraft mod will solve that problem. It'll allow your pigs to drop a heap of the proverbial every now, and again provide you with a new resource in Minecraft. You can collect the droppings to fertilize your crops. You can also fire them in a furnace to make bricks you can use for building a house. Just don't mix them with white wool.

Bacteria Mod

Bacteria is a timeless trend, so Mincraft modders should bring it back into the limelight. You can cultivate a variety of bacteria and let them roam the globe. It's important to properly contain the bacteria, especially if you are experimenting with your own base.

Pam's HarvestCraft

This mod adds more than 1,100 new items and foods to Minecraft. It includes 60 crops and 17 types of fish and tofu to make vegetarian and vegan meals, as well as 36 fruit and item-bearing trees. You get a Minecraft diet that is equal parts balanced and lavish. This can be used alongside Hunger Overhaul or The Spice of Life to punish poor eating habits and make it a necessary part of vanilla Minecraft.

You'll need to ensure that your food is fresh and healthy if you have a lot of food. Cooking for Blockheads mod introduces five blocks that create a multiblock kitchen. There are five new blocks that make up the multiblock kitchen structure. They include a fridge, stove, oven, sink, tool rack and tool rack. It's similar to Minecraft. This mod was created with Pam's Harvestcraft as a focus. The possibilities for cooking are almost limitless.

Minecraft exploration mods

Some people prefer to live as a nomad than as a builder. These mods can spice up the world, create new worlds, or give you all the tools you need to explore them. You can go to the Far Lands and beyond!

Biomes O'Plenty

Let's begin with the Overworld. Biomes O'Plenty brings Minecraft a staggering 80 biomes and 12 subbiomes – from Alps, Wasteland, and everything in between. You can also get a lot more tools, armour, food and colour. There are even more blocks you can use to build with.


Much like Biomes O Plenty and LotsOMobs, LotsOMobs adds 25 mobs to your Minecraft world. This will make your biomes more real. The days of the squid being the only creature in the ocean and chickens free roaming the savannah are gone. This mod will allow you to add giraffes and narwhals, seagulls or elephants to your game.


This is a great exploration mod that people who don't like the Nether can use. CandyCraft gives sweet-toothed Minecrafters an entirely candy-based realm to explore. As you explore this sweetly sweet world, there are honeycomb armour, marshmallow tools to use, and sugar-coated critters that you can kill. Hansel und Gretel, eat your heart!

The Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest is a much simpler mod than the other exploration Minecraft mods on this list. It allows you to create a portal into a new, perpetually dim, forested world full of new mobs, and more challenging encounters as you explore further.


Galacticraft is an expansive mod that allows you to explore, colonise, and travel to places no Steve has ever been. Apart from the interplanetary sightseeing, the main attraction of this mod is how much effort it will take to escape Earth's notoriously difficult bonds.

This is a series of compelling, brilliantly designed missions that will reward you with gameplay opportunities like building a moonbase, pimping your spaceship and fighting evolved mobs in Mars.


Portals can be a bit tricky when exploring new areas in Minecraft. The world you are about to enter is not visible, which can make it very scary. You also have to watch a loading screen.

BetterPortals Minecraft mod creates portals to allow you to see the world you are about to enter. However, there is no loading screen that could interrupt your immersion. As with all mods, there are some incompatibilities. Please see the download page.


Mods are not nearly as common as those that focus on the most beloved and ancient weapon, the bow and arrow. Quiverbow provides a wealth of projectile-based weaponry to budding archers and overhauls the options.

This mod includes everything you need to become a Minecraft sniper, from basic additions such as a crossbow to firework launchers and snow cannons.

Minecraft automation mods

A factory setup in Minecraft is a great way to automate mining and production so that you don't run out. These mods can be used in conjunction with the more advanced mods in the last section to automate nearly every aspect of modded Minecraft.

Rope bridge mod

Minecraft explorers find chasms a constant nuisance: they spend hours climbing up the highest mountain, only to discover a series of annoying gaps between them.

This mod makes mountaineering much easier. It allows you to attach a handheld grappling gun, which will automatically create a bridge between where you are standing and where it is aimed. This mod is especially useful when building treetop fortresses.


This automated tunnelling machine takes out the hassle so that you can explore, kill mobs and redecorate your base.

Although you will have to construct it yourself, once you have, you can save hours of virtual labour. You can upgrade the drill head with different materials that offer their own benefits. This gives you plenty of opportunity to really get into this miner's delight.

Progressive Automation

This mod adds basic automation devices to everything, from farming to forestry. Progressive Automation's best feature is the fact that each machine can easily be upgraded as you go, which means less expensive rebuilds later.

Applied Energistics 2.

Storage becomes a problem after a long time in a large base. Applied Energistics 2 allows you to transform matter into energy by storing items on hard drives. These can be accessed wirelessly anywhere in your base. It is extremely useful, especially for hoarders.

Big Reactors

You have always wanted to become a nuclear engineer, but you don't need to learn about physics or go through many years of university education. Big Reactors may be the mod for your needs. Big Reactors lets you build large, configurable reactors to meet the power requirements of all your other industrial mods.

It's even better, because it interfaces with ComputerCraft. This means you can monitor, program, regulate and control your power station safely – should you ever get too involved and cause a meltdown.

ComputerCraft and RadioFlex

ComputerCraft is last but not least. It adds fully-programmable computers to the Minecraft world, as well as various peripherals. You can also use RFTools to monitor and manage complex power networks. These tools are essential for any type of automated base.

Minecraft expansive mods

The largest mods are those that require a substantial time investment and make significant changes to vanilla Minecraft. For your own sanity, we recommend only tackling one or two of these mods at a given time. You'll be the master of everything you survey by the time you reach the endgame.

Draconic Evolution

The Draconic Evolution mod is a great option if you have mastered Minecraft diamonds and are looking for new gear to show off your friends. Draconic Evolution mod adds tons of high-tier weapons and armour to Minecraft. It also has its own energy system, which is basically Minecraft's answer for cold fusion.

Additional features include weather manipulation, a large chest with built-in crafting tools, teleporters and mob spawners. It's the perfect mod for anyone who has mastered vanilla Survival mode.


It's pretty cool to be a wizard, and it's even more so in Minecraft. Thaumcraft allows you to manipulate the magic energies in any in-game item to make powerful wands and golems that will do your bidding. You can also create essence-infused tools and items.

It can be easily integrated into many other mods. You can find out more magic in our guide to Minecraft Hogwarts.

Simply Jetpacks

Everything is better with Jetpacks Everything. This mod doesn't want to make you remember countless systems or recipes. It's simply trying to give normal Minecrafters instant flight.

Redstone Flux lets you fly high into the sky, which will allow you to avoid hazards and make it easier for you to move around the map faster. You can also use higher-level jetpacks to act as armour or even negate fall injury, so it's worth spending a bit of time on this handy add-on.

Blood Magic

Sometimes Minecraft can be a bit too cutesy and fluffy. Modders can add ritualistic dark arts to vanilla Minecraft. Blood Magic, the most evil of all magics, introduces several new mechanics and systems that draw power from blood mobs.

Once you have enough life essence, you can use it to create new items such as a Dagger of Sacrifice at a Blood Altar.

Minefactory Reloaded

Minefactory Reloaded is the best technology mod. You can automate everything with this mod, from breeding cows to setting up records in-game. It also works well with many mods from the previous section.


It's a long gone tradition to mine by hand. Everyone knows this. BuildCraft is a massive mod that allows vanilla Minecraft to go through its own industrial revolution.

This mod allows you to go big with your production lines, from automated quarries to automatic crafting tables that can produce any item with the right ingredients.

This cosmetic mod adds more than 100 hats to Minecraft. It's sure to surprise and even shock your friends. The hats will randomly appear on mobs all over the world. You might see a creeper wearing a sombrero or a squid with its phone booth on its forehead.


PneumaticCraft is a mod that swaps power for pressurized water. This makes it both highly volatile, and extremely rewarding. This mod allows you to add a variety of automated and mechanical options to Minecraft, including programmable drones, air cannons, and a wide range of assembly machines.

We don't know of any other Minecraft mods that are better than these. These tweaks and improvements will transform your blocky joy and keep it playing longer. Much like the Minecraft maps, which will take you anywhere, and the Minecraft servers that keep things fresh. You can find the latest information on the Minecraft 1.18 update, and the Minecraft 1.19 Wild update.

We're now ready to go back to Minecraft. Our guide to installing and using Minecraft Forge is a great tool for managing your mods. You can also check out our list with the top crafting games for PC.