Minecraft mob secrets

16th Dec, 2022

Minecraft mob secrets

Minecraft Java Edition has a total number of 73 mobs. Each mob has its own characteristics and behavior patterns.

Players can meet many mobs while exploring the vast Minecraft world. The outcome of each meeting can differ in each situation. Despite the fact that the game was released in 2011, many details about certain mobs are still not known or remembered by players.

5) Dancing Piglins

The Nether is home to the neutral mob of Piglins. They can be very helpful when they are neutral, but quite dangerous when they become hostile.

Introduced in Minecraft 1.16, Piglins now have the rare opportunity to hunt hoglins. They can also dance once they've killed a hoglin.

This rare event is not common so users should keep their cameras handy in case they witness it.

4) Turtles transform into wooden bowls

When turtles are killed by lightning strikes, their shells become wooden bowls. This unfortunate event can be used by players to farm unlimited bowls.

They will need a Trident to do this. Gamers must channel it with Channeling. They must then use the Trident to hit a turtle, and then harvest its shell to make wooden bowls that can be used to store soups or stews in Minecraft.

3) The Skeletons are the dominant hands

Players instinctively attack and kill skeletons in Minecraft when they encounter them. If players look closely, they will find a hidden feature among these encounters.

Minecraft's Java Edition shows 89% of skeletons as right-handed. The remaining 11% have a bow in the left hand. This is the same percentage as the real world.

There are no ambidextrous skeletons.

2) Endermen groups

Endermen are one the most dangerous and terrifying mobs in Minecraft. They are tall, ethereal and neutral mobs that attack players who look into their eyes.

Players enter the End to see a horde Endermen wandering the deserted, vast land, growingl at the Ender Dragon. A lesser-known fact about these Endermen is that they have a name. A “haunting” is a group of Endermen.

1) Witch vs Witch: Fighting Forever?

In Minecraft, witches are a rare hostile mob. They can be found in dark areas (7 or less light level), inside swamp houses, raids, or when lightning strikes villagers.

Witches attack players at first sight by using splash potions to target their enemies and potions with positive effects on themselves. One lesser-known fact about witches, is that they will continue to heal themselves even if one of them becomes aggravated towards the other.