Blast furnace vs normal smelter

24th Dec, 2022

Blast furnace vs normal smelter

Minecraft is made up of a lot of blocks. Each block has a unique function and falls under one of several categories.

Blocks with unusual textures or vibrant colors are often used as decoration. Others are used to build specific things.

Blocks with specific uses, also known as utility blocks, include anvils and smokers, grinderstones, enchanting table, and two types of furnaces.

Minecraft: Furnace vs blast furnace

Furnaces, which are vital blocks, play an important role in survival mode progression. The furnace utility blocks, along with the crafting table are the most commonly used blocks in the game.

Three blocks can be used to play the role as a “furnace”, in Minecraft. The smoker blocks are used to cook food faster.

The blast furnace and regular furnace are the other two blocks. Below are the differences between these two types of blocks.

1) A regular furnace can smell both food and ores

Regular furnaces serve a common purpose. Gamers can use them to melt or cook any item in the game. It can cook many types of food like raw salmon and raw chicken. It can also melt ores such as raw iron, blocks of coal ore, and raw gold.

However, blast furnaces cannot smelt metals and ores. The logic behind this is that they can't be used to smelt food.

2) The blast furnace melts ores quicker

When it comes to melting ores, blast furnaces are much more efficient. They can smelt twice as fast as regular furnaces, which is extremely helpful when crafting new gear in emergency situations like PVP or being pursued by hostile entities.

3) Low XP from blast furnace

Many people don't know that blast furnaces are twice as fast and use twice as much fuel as regular furnaces.

The blast furnace in Minecraft has a downside. It gives players less experience points for removing its contents. They are strongly advised to use alava bucket as a fuel source.