Best survival mods in Minecraft

5th Jan, 2023

Best survival mods in Minecraft

Minecraft's 1.18 update is commonly known as the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. It will be the largest update Minecraft has ever seen. The update brings a multitude of improvements, changes and new features to Minecraft. You can speed up the process of getting new content by downloading mods.

Survival mode allows players to collect resources and go on adventures in an infinite sandbox environment. Mods can change this experience to make it more interesting. Before Minecraft 1.18 drops, here's a list that players can use to add mods.

Modify for Expanded Storage

Expanded Storage mod offers a range of new chest types. Some of these have increased storage capacity. You can make chests from iron (54 stacks), gold (81 stacks), obsidian (108 stacks), diamond (108Stacks), or pumpkin (27 stacks). An additional type of chest, the Christmas chest (27 stacks), is also available..

4) Modified Stations

This mod enhances all crafting stations within the game. This mod converts existing crafting stations into “slab” versions. This allows for more efficient storage and placement of these stations. You can make them more attractive by adding a decorative element. Pre-existing crafting stations, such as the furnace and crafting bench, can also be given a texture overhaul.

3) Mouse Wheelie

This mod adds many mouse wheel-based controls for Minecraft. The mods listed below deal with inventory sorting, hotbar navigation, and other related issues. This allows players to navigate their inventories using their mouse wheel. Players don't have to use multiple buttons for the same task every time. Players can scroll the mouse wheel up and down to move items from their hotbar into their inventory, or vice versa.

2) Origins

Origins is a popular mod for Minecraft survival. Origins adds many “Origins”, or beginnings, to Minecraft. Each origin can give the player different abilities and advantages. The Merling origin, for example, allows the player to only breathe in water and can die if they are exposed to too much. This reverses the role of water and air in survival.

1) Xaero's World Map

This mod adds a large world map to Minecraft. You can fill in the map as you go about your adventures in the world or it can be pre-filled for ease. This mod adds the ability to place waypoints and to view directions, monuments, or other structures on the map. This mod is perfect for Minecraft's role as a world map.