1.18 – Survival Minecraft Server

2nd Feb, 2023

1.18 – Survival Minecraft Server

Punchwood Survival was established in November 2020. It has since built a small player base. The team strives to provide the best survival experience possible without imposing confusing plugins on players. It runs on version 1.18 and utilizes all the latest features. The staff team is working to expand our reach within the community. This includes new staff members and updates to our server. They are working to make Minecraft players from all skill levels, play styles, and demographics feel welcome and safe in a lag-free environment. They are always available to assist and are constantly looking for people to fill the position. Their Discord community votes on all features, plugins and changes, so everyone is informed about when and why they are added.

What is a Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a server that hosts the Mojang 2011 video game Minecraft. It can be owned by a player or a business. You can either set up your own server on a computer with Mojang's software or use a hosting service to have it run 24 hours a day. Players can play Minecraft online, or over a local network with others. The game has a single-player server internally. This was done to ensure that the single-player experience is consistent with multiplayer and to allow for bug fixes to be applied to both single and multiplayer games.

Server operators can guide Minecraft multiplayer servers. They have access to server commands like setting the time and teleporting players. Operators have the ability to create plugins that change the mechanics or add commands. They can also restrict access.